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This website is where you will find information about the OHS Emergency Department, its function and all manner of useful templates, guidelines, learning materials and proforma's for your work in the ED.

Feel free to get in touch if you want anything else added.  Please be patient, it is being developed all the time

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The resus bay can be a daunting place at first, you will not be (or should not be) on your own. It can be a rewarding and exciting place, and the place where much of real ED work is done. We expect you to be keen and put yourself forward to get involved with chest drains, CVP's and arterial line insertion, shoulder reductions, RSI's etc. While you shouldn't spend many hours with a single patient once referred, equally, do not run away when the anaesthetist arrives. You will lose out on useful experience and teaching opportunities, and until the specialty arrives, ED are responsible for the patient. However if there is an 'exciting' patient, such as a polytrauma, if you are not primarily responsible, clear out and make room for the people that do need to be there. Bear in mind that the other not-so-exciting patients are usually still waiting to be seen-and still need to be (re: NEAT target!).


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